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A carefully choreographed dance
Rock climbing in Spain
Climbing vertical rock is like performing in a carefully choreographed dance.
Each route is like a mystery that must be unraveled. As the difficulty increases, the rock becomes less forgiving and one must find the exact sequences of movements in order to reach the top.
The incredible limestone of the Aravis.

Whatever your ability level is, we will adapt our courses in order to best help you achieve your full potential.

We strive to teach you the requisite skills in order to make your climbing adventure safe.
We also offer climbs on some of today’s most modern routes in the Oisans Massif, the Mont Blanc and the incredible limestone of the Aravis.

Pitch after pitch, as the ground seems further and further away, the thrill of climbing and that of the vertical world will be at your fingertips.

Chamonix Aravis Rock Climbing Slide Show
Rock Climbing Slide Show

Chamonix Rock Climbing

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